Team Building


On arrival day, every instructor spends time getting to know the students in their learning group, creating a positive, collaborative group dynamic.  Schools can choose to incorporate more team building into their program.  The team building program consists of a series of challenges requiring planning, communication, cooperation, trust, and teamwork for their completion.  Each challenge has an active and reflective portion, which allows students to explore growth and awareness on both an individual and group level. 

Our “Challenge by Choice” philosophy means participants choose a level of participation that is within their comfort zone, but everyone counts and plays a role.  The benefits impact the group dynamic both at Cody and back in the classroom.


This begins with the “get to know everyone” phase where participants work on creating a sense of community and developing a sense of trust and commitment to the other group members. As these build, the activities are designed to challenge the team’s problem solving and communication skills. Instructors use tools such as bandanas, hula hoops, jump ropes, and balls to facilitate these activities such as maze of life, team jump rope, human alphabet, and marble madness. The instructors use creative tools to discuss the successes and challenges the group faced during the activity. 


Once the students demonstrate they have developed trust and teamwork skills, they are ready to move to the low ropes course. The low ropes challenge course is a collection of cable, platform, rope, and log elements designed for both individuals and groups. The low course safely pushes students outside of their comfort zones and requires group members to support their teammates by spotting and offering encouragement. All low course elements build and enhance the teamwork skills developed during initiatives.