Cody Outdoor Classroom provides customized curriculum that aligns with Massachusetts and New Hampshire Science Standards, as well as Next Generation Science Standards. We integrate math, history, and ELA into the lessons. Cody emphasizes concepts taught in the classroom and provides an opportunity for students to further explore these through experiential, inquiry-based learning. Our multidisciplinary approach to education addresses a multitude of learning styles.


Cody is a place for students to build relationships with the natural world and explore ways to preserve it in their daily lives and community. We challenge students to grow into conscious stewards of the natural world and recognize that scientific principles and processes are a critical component of their future careers. Cody builds community through both formal (team building and collaborative problem solving) and informal (communal living) interaction among peers and adults.   

A Typical Day

We work with each school to design a program that best fits their needs and outcomes. Each program is rooted in the following components: science lessons, team building, evening programs, and meals and recreation to create a fun, safe outdoor learning experience.