World-Class Outdoor Education
Right Here in New England

Our flexible, standards-aligned STEM and environmental education curriculums span earth and space science, physical science, life science, and environmental science. We also have an exciting hands-on engineering program to interest every student. Explore this and more at our outstanding outdoor education campus.

we're here to enhance the great work teachers do

Teachers talk about the learning constraints within the walls of a school. Cody’s outdoor classroom provides an alternative, with all of the natural resources that 100 wooded and shoreline acres provides. We're here to enhance the work teachers do in the classroom and provide additional learning opportunities for students to be successful. While some students struggle in the traditional classroom or lab, this learning environment is an exciting place to learn and succeed in a whole new way.

curriculum flexibility

Our program is flexible and adaptive, with a deep reservoir of hands-on curriculum and lessons taught by talented teachers. Schools can customize their curriculum and focus on key areas, whether it's team building, collaboration, critical thinking, engineering, physical science, chemistry, or biology. We're here to help, we're here to enhance.

building community

We also build community among our student scientists. It's a whole new experience to live amongst peers, share cabin space and meal-times, and collaborate during team building and lessons. There are many skills gained in the cohesive learning groups that translate back into the classroom.