Meals and Recreation


Students eat three daily meals in our dining hall. Each meal is approximately one hour.  During this time, students have an opportunity to catch up with peers, Cody instructors, teachers, and chaperones -- and eat some amazing food! This is another opportunity to build community: all students pitch in before, during, and after the meal. Students are also educated  about food waste and the resources used to produce food.

rec time

Students need some time to transition between activities. Short breaks are allotted throughout the day so students can use the restroom, fill their water bottle, or grab an extra layer. Our days are packed with learning and students need some time to unwind, so rec time is built into the daily schedule. Students can opt to play sports and games (basketball, football, soccer, gaga), play cards with friends, or relax in the cabin. Both indoor and outdoor facilities are available during rec time. Transitions and rec time are supervised by school teachers and chaperones.


Our evening program ends around 8:45 pm. Students are then dismissed to the cabins with their chaperones who supervise them overnight and make sure they are up and ready to go for breakfast the following morning. There is time for students to shower and unwind from the day before lights out.