Evening Programs

After dinner, students come together to participate in an evening program. Just like the science lessons, teachers can customize their evening programs and some can also be taught during the daytime. Below is a summary of a few of our evening activities. We send teachers our complete, current evening program curriculum and help them choose programs that meet their goals. 

NIGHT experience

Students explore the outdoors after dark and discover that the nocturnal world is nothing to be afraid of. Students also explore the sensory adaptations that allow them to adjust to the darkness and learn about the adaptations of nocturnal animals. A series of experiments outline the sensory adaptations that allow us to adjust to darkness. Students  see, touch, and eat things that glow in the dark and study light energy.   

animal adaptations

What helps animals survive? Why have some gone extinct?  In this lesson, students explore the different environments animals live in and how that impacts the traits they develop. The animal world is filled with diversity and students  analyze this diversity to discover the past, present, and future of animal life on earth. Students test existing adaptations for effectiveness in different environments and create a “super animal” of their own. 


skit night

A huge part of the Cody experience is building community and making memories. What better way to do that than to cap off the week with a skit night? Students, Cody staff, teachers, and chaperones come together to  showcase their talents. This night is filled with skits, songs, smiles, and laughter. It is a great light-hearted way to wrap up the experience.