We offer a customized curriculum that aligns with Massachusetts and New Hampshire Science Standards, as well as Next Generation Science Standards.

We work with each school to design a program that best fits the needs and outcomes of the group.  Each program is rooted in the following components: science lessons, team building, evening programs, and meals and recreation to create a fun, safe outdoor learning experience.  


Science lessons

Our standards-aligned science lessons target engineering as well as physical, earth and space, and life sciences. The inquiry-based lessons focus on developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our multidisciplinary approach to teaching is designed to engage all learners. Math, history, and ELA are incorporated into the lessons and students will complete a journal that can be used as a resource when they return to the classroom. 


team building

Team building activities are not only valuable for the immediate experience, but for long-lasting communication, problem solving, and group bonding. Each challenge consists of an active and reflective portion that, when combined, allow students to explore growth and awareness on both individual and group levels.    


evening programs

Learning does not end when the sun goes down! After dinner, students come together to participate in an evening program.  We offer a variety of evening programs that enhance the daytime curriculum, as well as provide students with new opportunities to explore their surroundings at night. 

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meals and recreation

Days at Cody are packed with activity.  Our students need plenty of fuel (in the form of three delicious meals and snacks in between) to stay energized. They also need time to unwind and run around, therefore we have built breaks and recreation time into their day.  

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