Curriculum Overview

Our residential programs are designed around the guiding principles of STEM education.  Lessons within the curriculum can be customized to best fit the needs and outcomes of the group.  For complete course offerings and descriptions, please contact us.   

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our curriculum

  • Provides hands-on knowledge of major concepts (beyond just facts)
  • Connects concepts and process skills across science and engineering disciplines
  • Allows students to apply knowledge to solve relevant, real-world problems
  • Prepares students to live and work in the real world
  • Engages students with the natural world
  • Connects with and enhances classroom learning 


Lessons include

Glaciers and Rivers - Earth and Space Science, Engineering

Lake Ecology - Life Science, Math, Engineering 

Forest Ecology - Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Math, and Engineering 

Keep it Moving - Physical Science, Math, and Engineering

Adaptations - Life Science and Engineering 

ELA is incorporated throughout the lessons.