Our residential programs are designed around a theme.  Lessons within the theme can be customized to best fit the needs and outcomes of the group.  

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Theme: Water is Everything

Overview:  For life, water is everything. It carves the landscape and allows us to live. This course explores the impact of water on landscape and how all life is dependent upon water. Students will also learn about the physics of moving water and how humans attain and use water for our daily lives.

Lessons Include:

Watersheds and the Landscape - Earth and Space Science
Tree Rings and Wildlife - Life Science
Bottle Rockets and the Physics of Water - Physical Science
Water as a Resource - Engineering


Theme: Energy

Overview: Energy drives our daily lives, whether as gas powering our car or as electricity powering our homes. This course explores the complexity of natural systems and the energy that flows through them, with a focus on the water cycle, food webs and biodiversity, thermal exchange, electrical conductivity, and energy in motion. 

Lessons Include:

Food Webs and Biodiversity - Life Science

The Water Cycle - Earth and Space Science

Keeping it Warm with Thermal Exchange - Physical Science

Design Challenge - Engineering