Why Water Conservation is Important All Year Long

We have had some incredibly warm days in New England this summer.  It seems like the only thing to do to stay cool is to hop in a pool or enjoy an icy glass of water or seltzer.  Water is definitely one of the best ways to stay refreshed in the heat! However, it is important to remember that water is a precious resource and we still need to make sure we are conserving to the best of our abilities. 

The first step in water conservation is to understand how precious this resource is. Here is an easy demo to try with your family:

  • Get 2 1000 mL beakers (or water bottles or other measuring devices you have around the house).
  • Fill the first one with 970 mL of water.  Fill the second one with 30 mL of water.
  • The 1000 mL represents all the water on earth.  The 970 mL represents the ocean water and the 30 mL represents the fresh water.  
  • This visual is a great reminder of how little usable water is available to us.  And, much of that fresh water cannot be used or accessed by us. Much of it is trapped in glaciers or is polluted.

We should all keep this in mind, especially over the summer as we enjoy water in many ways.  Simple conservation actions can make a big difference:

  • Instead of dumping warm water that you don’t want to drink down the sink, put it in a water bottle in the refrigerator or water indoor or outdoor plans (these are good things to do with the water from this demonstration).
  • Check your hoses and nozzles for any leaks that can waste water.
  • Water your lawn in the morning or evening (when it won’t evaporate as quickly and thus more gets into the soil).
  • If you need to wash your car, do it at a car wash instead of at home.  The car wash usually uses about 60% less water than folks use at home.
  • If you have a pool, cover it so water doesn’t evaporate.
  • Kids and adults love to play water games and dump water on themselves.  Get a rain barrel to collect water to use for this and other recreational purposes.