Bringing STEM to Summer Camp

Over the summer, the Outdoor Classroom team has been spending time at our affiliate Camp Cody, teaching STEM curriculum to the summer campers during their Science Experiments elective. We have had a great time on the beautiful site on Ossipee Lake, watching campers learn and find inspiration in science and the natural world even though they are not in school.

Campers show up to the elective excited to learn about science, asking, “what are we going to do today”.  As educators and scientists, this is of course, music to our ears. 

The activities we have shared with Camp Cody include:

Rollercoasters – Campers learn about the engineering design process and kinetic and potential energy, then work collaboratively to build rollercoaster prototypes.

Feeling Energized! – Through hands on experiments, campers explore sound, light, heat, and electrical energy.  They use an energy stick to discover what materials are insulators and conductors of electricity.

Glaciers and Rivers -  Campers explore erosion, deposition, and weathering, and how glaciers and rivers accomplish those processes in very different ways. They use a stream table (a model that demonstrates how moving water affects sand) to gather data and observe the effects rivers have on the landscape.

Nature Exploration – Camp Cody has lots of nature to check out!  Campers learn about the local flora and fauna, gain knowledge on how to identify elements of the natural world, search for salamanders, and play camouflage.

We have been fortunate to work with the counselors who lead the Science Experiments.  We have shared ideas and worked collaboratively to ensure the campers have a fun, educational experience.  Building a relationship between these two branches of Cody is very valuable.  The Outdoor Classroom team plans to continue this relationship in the future: developing more curriculum for future summers and continuing to teach lessons during each session.    

We encourage you to bring education into your summer fun, helping children to understand that learning can be fun inside and outside the classroom. We recommend checking out resources like The STEM Laboratory for inspiration!

Thank you to counselor Maria McMillan for the beautiful photo of camp!