Our First Open House

On May 19 – 21, Cody Outdoor Classroom hosted 25 teachers / school administrators / PTO members and their families at Camp Cody in Freedom, NH.  This event was an opportunity for educators across New England to gather together and experience the programs Cody Outdoor Classroom offers, gather lesson ideas to use in their own classrooms, and make new professional and social connections. 

We had a weekend filled with activity!!!

Daytime was filled with family-friendly science and engineering sessions, such as:

Water’s Journey – Explore the stream table, which can be used in the classroom and is designed to mimic streams and teach erosion and deposition.  Also participate in the journey of a water droplet through the water cycle.

Triangles and the Food Web - Natural systems are complex and made of many connected parts.  This workshop uses games and balls of yarn to explore complex systems and the food web.

FUNdamentals of Chemistry – Participate in several instructor-led and family-led science experiments and even make something to take home.  Use scientific observations to determine if the experiment resulted in a chemical or physical change. 

Engineering Design Challenge – Learn how engineers use the design process to solve problems.  Teams will use the design steps to create a solution that meets the given criteria and constraints of several design challenges and compare their solutions. 


Evenings were filled with:

  • Cody Hide and Seek
  • S’mores around the campfire
  • Night hikes
  • An ice cream social

There was also time for sports, hiking, relaxing by the lake, and eating delicious food (which there was no shortage of). 

On Sunday, kids and adults were exchanging contact info and making plans to get together over the summer.  We had an amazing weekend filled with learning, fun, and perfect weather.  We can’t wait for the next event!