4 Creative Mother's Day Gifts -- Using Science!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner it seems the gifts kids make get more and more creative each year. There are all kinds of projects you can do with your students to ensure the special women in their life receive a thoughtful and memorable gift. We did a little digging and found a couple suggestions for hands-on, science-related projects to share with your students.

Check out these resources and our tips to make it an extra-personal Mother’s Day!

Make you own Paper

Instead of throwing away old artwork, make it new! There are many ways to make paper, and by recycling old drawings and homework assignments, you cancreate a new piece for a child to handwrite or draw a note. Colors and textures can vary based on the “ingredients” you use!

Herb Garden

Have your students plant special indoor gardens for their mothers. For a personal touch, have your students write instructions with colorful markers and have them paint a “Mom & Me” picture on the pot.



Pressing Flowers

If you have access to the outdoors, taking your students for a nature walk can be a great way to teach about local wildlife, as well as an opportunity to collect material for a flower-pressing. Be sure to do your research and point out rare plants that should not be picked and poisonous plants that should not be touched as your students hunt for the perfect flower to press for their moms. These pressed plants can be glued to a picture frame or inside a card. Check out Go Botany for guides to New England plant life.

Dying Flowers

Having your students dye white flowers with their mom’s favorite color is not only a great gift, but an opportunity to learn about how stems are vital to plant growth. The link we’ve provided above is a great resource not only for the process of flower-dying, but the science behind it as well!