Field Day Fun

As we approach the end of the school year, your school might be hosting its annual field day, or you might be looking to take your students outside for a classroom field day experience.

Here are some new activities to try:

Water Gun Squirt Off


  • Water guns
  • Water 
  • Golf tees 
  • Ping pong balls

Create a line of golf tees and place a ping pong ball on each tee.  Several students get a water gun and have to try to knock the ball off the tee.  They score a point for each one they displace.



  • 2 pool noodles 
  • Basketballs or water balloons 
  • 2 chairs

Two students stand on chairs that are facing each other.  They each hold a basketball (or water balloon or other ball) in their left hand and a pool noodle in the right hand.  The goal is to use the pool noodle to knock the ball out of the opponents hand without falling off the chair.  The first student to do this gets a point for their team.

Noodle Javalin


  • 4 pool noodles
  • Tape
  • String 

Tape two of the pool noodles into circles and hang them from a pole (or someone can hold them).  Two students get another pool noodle and have to try to get it through the circle.  The first one to do so earns a point for their team.

Alphabet Challenge

Everyone on the team must form the letter of the alphabet the teacher calls out (using their bodies).  The first team to successfully create the letter earns a point for their team.  Conduct more rounds with different letters or, if the group is large enough, challenge them to spell a word.

Clipboard Basketball


  • Clipboard
  • Trash can or bucket
  • Ping pong balls
  • Tape

One student tapes a clipboard around his / her waste.  Another team member tosses a ping pong ball at the clipboard.  The student wearing the clipboard tries to use it to get the ball into a trashcan or bucket to score a point for the team.