Brain Breaks & Classroom Energizers Part II

It has been an interesting winter so far in New England!  Cold temperatures and snow, warm temperatures and rain.  That probably means there have been many indoor recess sessions, making it essential to give students an opportunity to burn off some energy or use their brain in a different way during the school day.  Here are some more of our favorite ways to give students a quick, much needed break: 

Great Wind Blows For…

Space:  Open space large enough of all students to make a standing circle

Supplies:  Object for each student to mark their space (something that will not easily move works best like a water bottle or book)

Age group:  All age groups. 

Procedure:  Students make a circle and stand next to their object (make sure there are no other objects on the ground nearby).  The teacher begins in the center and completes this statement “The great wind blows for….” with something that is true of them (i.e. anyone who has a pet dog, anyone whose favorite color is green, etc).  If the statement applies to the student, they must run and find a new spot to stand that is not immediately next to where they were previously standing.  (The teacher also rushes to find a new space.)  There could be just a few students trying to find a new spot, or most of the class depending on the statement.  A student will then be left in the center and they will then have to say their own statement, starting the running frenzy again!

The Leader

Space:  Open space large enough for all students to sit in a circle

Supplies:  None

Age group:  All age groups. 

Procedure:  Students make a seated circle and one student, the “Guesser”, is chosen to leave the room (or positioned where they can’t hear or see the group).  One student is chosen to be the “Leader”.  The Leader begins doing a motion with their hands (snapping, tapping their head, clapping) and everyone in the circle does the same motion.  The Guesser returns to the circle.  The Leader changes the motion and the other students do the same when they recognize the change.  The Guesser has three chances to determine who the leader is.  Repeat the game with a new Guesser and Leader.

Beach Volleyball


Space:  Open space (desks pushed to the side)

Supplies:  Beach ball, yarn or string, two chairs

Age group:  All age groups. 

Procedure:  Split students into two teams.  Tie a piece of string or yarn to the ends of two chairs that are placed on opposite ends of the room to represent the net.  In this indoor game of volleyball, students play on their knees.  The rest of the rules are the same as volleyball rules, or can be adjusted for younger age groups.   

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