Technology in the Classroom: Utilizing it Today to Flourish in the Future

Technology is part of the present and will continue to grow in importance as we move toward the future.  It has helped us improve communication, medicine, architecture, and much more!  Many folks are caught up in these advances and yet there are some who strive to live life as “unplugged” as possible.  Despite our personal preference, we must keep in mind, as educators, technology can be used to enhance our teaching practices and help students learn to use it responsibly! 


Reasons to Use Technology in the Classroom

·      It helps prepare students for future careers, which will of course involve using technology.

·      It is one approach to addressing the diverse learning needs of students.

·      It can be used as a tool to foster collaboration.

·      It helps students prepare for the real world, which is already tech-based and will continue in that direction.

·      Youth love technology, so it is a great way to hook them on learning!

·      Gives students access to the most current news and research, in some cases eliminating the need for outdated text books.

·      It promotes active learning.

·      It promotes responsibility as students make their own decisions.

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Spice up your lessons / classroom with the addition of simple technology!

·      Create a PowerPoint review game themed after a popular game show, like Jeopardy.  Google “PowerPoint game show templates” to get started.

·      Instead of having students write a summary of learning, use a social media platform as the basis for an assessment.  For example, have students create a tweet about the parts of a plant or write a blog post (using a template you create) about animal adaptations.

·      Create a class website and throughout the year have different students maintain and update it.

·      Include sound clips and video clips in your lesson (find them by doing an Internet search).  This is a great way to refresh lessons and they are often the perfect “hook” / engager to get students excited about a new unit.

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Check out these essential technology resources: 

Education World has so many great articles and resources available regarding technology tools.  Learn more about:  social media in the classroom, educator hardware and software essentials, recording a class podcast, implementing a laptop program, best search engines, and much more!

Vernier Delve into the world of wireless sensors to enhance student learning and bridge science and technology.  There are various affordable products available that allow students to record and analyze data related to temperature, motion, forces, and energy.  They also offer inquiry-based Elementary and Middle School lessons to help teachers integrate the use of this technology.