Meet our Team

From left to right: Ben Rossetter, K Fenstermacher, Beth Ann Miller

From left to right: Ben Rossetter, K Fenstermacher, Beth Ann Miller

Last week we introduced you to K Fenstermacher, our awesome director. Now it's time to meet the other key players!

Ben Rossetter, 

Program Assistant

Years working in outdoor education: 12

Favorite outdoor activities: Games… specifically “Birdie on a Perch.”  But really, any engaging activity that has people interacting with each other and the woods.

Favorite meal when camping: Backcountry pizza or cheesy grits with tea.

Favorite place to explore locally: Ben loves skiing and climbing Mount Washington.  He loves living on the coast now because he has begun winter surfing.

Ski Patroller in Idaho, Raft Guide in Colorado, English Teacher in Taiyuan, China - These are just a few of the jobs Ben has had and places he’s been. Once, while leading a group of inner-city high school students in Yellowstone National Park, he witnessed wolves chasing elk. Across the field were three grizzly bears! Here are some of his thoughts about Cody Outdoor Classroom:

Q. What do you think is the most exciting thing about Cody Outdoor Classroom?

Ben: The programs offer the chance to grow, change, and try something new. That isn’t the case within a lot of difference organizations, even outdoor ed. ones. 

Q.   Why do you think outdoor education/STEM is important?

Ben: I believe that strong values are formed through impactful and profound learning experiences.  If we can provide profound learning experiences in and about the natural world, we are more likely to create a generation of people who act in ways that utilize important values.


Beth Ann Miller,

Social Media Coordinator

Years experience with outdoor education: 5

Favorite outdoor activities: hiking, camping, biking, paddle-boarding, canoeing

Favorite meal when camping: Nothing beats a good old fashioned s’more

Favorite place to explore locally: Places that blend nature and history – right across the state line in Maine are a couple beautiful forts on the water (Foster and McClary) 

Beth Ann is still new to outdoor education (she loves what she is learning from Ben and K and is eager to learn more), but she is not new to the outdoors or education. She is currently an adjunct college professor and she grew up spending her summers on a remote lake in the Adirondacks, hiking and fishing and navigating the dense forest with (or without) map and compass. She loves backwoods camping and her most memorable adventure was a three-week solo camping trip in the Blue Ridge and Great Smokey Mountains.

Q. Why do you think outdoor education/STEM is important?

Beth Ann: Many branches of education are important, but I feel like the STEM fields are unique because they provide a huge world of hands-on opportunities. There is something incredible about witnessing a scientific reaction or tracking a change in nature – seeing it right in front of your eyes really helps the concept “click”. Our generations and the generations after ours are witnessing rapid change and I believe that understanding how the natural world works is an important piece of our growth and progress.

Q. How will Cody Outdoor Classroom make an impact on students?

Beth Ann: Cody Outdoor Classroom is providing a broader space and context for students and teachers. Much of the joy and experience of STEM learning can feel stifled in a traditional classroom setting. Although great teachers can work with any space, it is amazing what can be accomplished when they are given the tools and support to work “outside the box.” Cody Outdoor Classroom is not only exploring an innovative space for learning, it is exploring innovative concepts and teaching styles as well.